His own little world

He takes me with him and it is beautiful.  I love what he has taught me and continues to teach me.  He is so amazing and I am truly blessed to have him.  I hope he knows what a gift he is to so many.  He turned 11 today.  He’s the best gift I have ever received.  He has my whole heart.  Happy Birthday Conner!

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Autism Awareness

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We should teach the way they learn.

I couldn’t agree more.  Every child learns differently and for some it’s harder than others.   If these students are placed with the right team of teachers/instructors, the team will work together to find what teaching techniques work best for the child.  This will make a huge difference on how far they will be able to go with their education.  It’s so important these children get what they need in school.  It can be very difficult to find because every school district is different.  Some have different programs than others.  As a Parent it is frustrating knowing your child should be getting more services than they are receiving. They deserve it.

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My son is ten years old and his pediatrician diagnosed him with PDD.  (Pervasive Developmental Delay)  He does not like to say he is fully Autistic.  PDD is a form of Autism.  His Autism is mild, but he does have learning disabilities.  There are some areas in school that he struggles with, but he is progressing.   He is so proud of himself and happy when he accomplishes something he once struggled with.  My job is to get him all the help he needs and deserves, support him along the way, and most importantly keep him happy.

no more – a letter to suzanne wright

a diary of a mom


My girl cracking herself up with scripts last night

I was once asked, “If you have so much trouble with the fact that Autism Speaks uses the words “disease” and “cure” in its marketing materials, what would you have them say instead?”

I thought about it for a moment, and said, “Well, I suppose I’d like them to implore the public to help us find ways to mitigate the disabling aspects of autism while recognizing and celebrating its more positive attributes.”

My questioner cocked his head. “Okay, so how does that read on a sign?”

I’ve never felt more awkward (this is a lie, but go with it) than when I answered, “Celebrate diversity! Mitigate Disability!”

I recognized the folly of my attempt at copy writing long before he said, “Wow, you suck at this.”

He was right. I do.

Because for me, trying to reduce autism awareness / education / advocacy…

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Not just another anxious parent

Another great story that I can relate to. Autism is a tough journey for the child and the parent.