I am a griever.

I wish I didn’t relate to what this image says, but I do.  It is amazing how some people can live most of their lives without losing someone close to them and they truly do not understand how it feels.  It changes your life.  Forever.  It changes your family.  It can cause your family to either become closer or drift apart.  It changes everything.

Yes, we move on but we never “get over it”.  We have to learn to accept it, or try to.  Having closure when someone passes away makes the grieving process somewhat easier, but unfortunately there are circumstances when we don’t have closure.

“My reality is forever changed.”


6 thoughts on “I am a griever.

  1. I am a griever also. My name is mary I lost my daughter 5 years ago and it still feels like yesterday. My aunt sent me this message that you post on the Internet and it left me speechless because I did not know that anyone else felt the exact way so I say to you with that message I send it to people on my job so they can understand how I feel sometimes at work. I want to thank you for the message it’s beautiful may God bless you always Mary

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  2. Same here – I don’t have a hard time sharing it, talking about it. I do have a hard time writing it because I have it all in my head, but then when I go to type it out it doesn’t come out the way I want it to. I definitely want it to sound like me, though. I’m just too picky sometimes. 🙂 I’m slowly getting the hang of it. You’re right about wordpress, it can be a bitch! Thanks again!


  3. Beautifully written, touching and sensitive. And so recognizable.
    First post I’ve read from you, following up on a comment you made elsewhere.
    We seem to share something here, although I wasn’t quite as concise as you were:

    It’s from my blog. And it’s something that’s never left me. Or, I believe “left me alone” would be more accurate. Even just a few nights ago, the memories took me over for hours one night. Writing it was difficult, painful, relieving, releasing, but still…,
    Hope you’ll take a while to check it out. Maybe hang around a bit and consider following my journey.
    Later on this afternoon, I’ll have to take a longer look at what (and, by default) who you have to offer.
    My first impressions are usually pretty accurate.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you! I just started this blog, so I don’t have a lot on here yet. I’m trying to adjust to sharing/writing.
      I just read your post you mentioned above. It was great. I lost my mother to a heart attack when I was 24. I’ve lost several others close to me since. My brother – who has been the hardest to get through passed away almost 7 years ago.
      Thanks for visiting. I look forward to reading more of your posts on your blog.


      1. I’ve always had an easy time sharing / writing, although the sharing has usually been verbal in nature: family, friends, therapists, my dogs. Especially my dogs. They have a duty to you that surpasses even Pastor / Penitent privilege.
        The writing I have done for decades, farther back than I can claim to accurately remember, but it takes some work. Then some re-working. And re-structuring. And re-vamping. And re-writing. I have been known to stop dead in my tracks in the middle of making dinner to go running into the den, starting up my desktop (running Vista, so dinner is often burned) to change one word in a sentence midway through an entry:
        I decide to use a more colloquial phrase or go with a polysyllabic word ’cause it keeps with the rhythm of the sentence or paragraph better than a one syllable word.
        Getting adept at formatting here in WordPress can be a bitch, though.
        You’ve got the hard part out of the way: if you can think it, you can write it.
        And you don’t have to try to make it sound like yourself, you just let that happen.
        People can often question or criticize how you write, but not how you feel.
        Go for it.


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